Tips On How To Safely Handle A Lightning Connector

apple-lightning-iphone-5The all new lightning conductor from Apple is designed to charge and sync the latest iOS devices. The lightning cables were invented in 2012 when the iPhone 5 came into existence. The connector has its pros and cons. The cables are not sturdy enough to manage the tough urban life. In comparison with Micro USB cables, the availability of lightning cables is limited. These are expensive when compared to Micro USB cable. The reason for their high availability is because many devices are compatible with Micro USB cable and it is easily available at you neighborhood store.

Lightning cables designed and manufactured by third party manufacturers are close to the real ones. is a worthwhile destination to check for lightning cables. While buying lightning cables ensure that they work with your device. There are many factors to consider while choosing a durable lightning cable. There are innovative means to buy lightning connectors. There is not much choice in the market when compared to Micro USB connectors. To bridge the gap cables come with two variations, one with the USB Micro USB cable and the other Micro USB lightning adapter. It fits at the end of the Micro USB cable. The 2-in-1 lightning cables are popular and can be easily found in online stores. Ensure you pick the right kind of the cable for maximum usage.

Micro USB cables are available in 2-in-1 design and it is widely used. To ensure high durability, it is important to consider tangle free and flat cables that are sturdy and lasts longer.

Micro-USB Lightning adapter can be converted into a lightning cable. The interface has a lightning connector and Micro USB inlet all in one. The adapter has to be compact and free of cable, so the damage is less. The damaged Micro USB cable with the adapter can be plugged to another Micro USB cable and can be charged and data synced to your iPhone. The product is cheaper when compared to the lightning cable. This way you can save more and use the cable interchangeably for iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Instead of investing in two lightning connectors you can use a separate Micro USB lightning adapter and Micro USB cable. It is recommended to buy official Apple adapter as the manufacturer has introduced its very own product. Moreover, there are third party manufacturers available for those who want a cheaper version. While traveling if the cable you use for charging does not work, then get a Micro USB cable from a fellow traveler and plug it with Micro USB lightning adapter. It can turn into a lightning cable instantly.

The market is flooded with Micro USB cables and lightning adapter. Choosing the right product that fits your needs is vital. When Apple products come with a higher price tag, people move aftermarket products to save money. Third party manufacturer provides durable products at cheaper rates. These products are available at the counter of any retail store or online store. Read the reviews before choosing the right manufacturer to ensure you do not spend money often on replacing the lightning cables.

Vegan Meat loaf

tastyyummies2Being Vegan is more of a lifestyle that people adopt to rather than a philosophy or a diet. So if you are a vegan, it shows how committed you are to the well-being of animals. The health benefits that you get is the added advantage! It undoubtedly makes you fit and bring backs the glow to your skin.
But do you miss that yummy melt in the mouth meat delicacies every now and then? Now, even if you do we have the solution here. We have a huge collection of vegan recipes just click here, or log on to and don on your chef hat.

I personally love having meatloaves, it is my comfort food. There is nothing else that can cheer me up on a cold day like a yummy meatloaf. So when I became vegan, I was quite disappointed and started debating my choice. But I was not disheartened which made me do a lot of research on a good guaranteed vegan meat loaf which do not taste like a salad! And finally I found it! Here I am sharing it for you, if you are like me, you would love it too.

I know, most of you might have already guessed the start ingredient of my juicy meatloaf. It is mushrooms! They have the tender meaty texture and flavour which is delicious. In this recipe, adding tempeh and walnuts gives that extra oomph in the flavour. If this is combined with mashed potatoes and tomato parsley salad, it is a complete wholesome meal which could easily feed a small gathering.

Vegan Meat Loaf – Ingredients
Butter : 2 table spoon
1 Onion: finely chopped
Celery : ½ cup ,finely chopped
Carrot: ½ cup (2 carrots approx.)
Bouillon cubes: 2 Vegan ones
Mushroom : 8 Oz finely chopped
Bell Pepper : ½ cup finely chopped
Tempeh : 1 crumbled block
Sun dried tomatoes : 1 cup finely chopped
Walnuts : 1cup finely chopped
Ketchup :1/4 cup
Mustard: 1 teaspoon
Bread crumbs : 1 cup
Eggs : 2 no’s big
Garlic powder :1/2 teaspoon
Red pepper : ¼ teaspoon crushed
Thyme : ½ teaspoon
Paprika : 1 teaspoon

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Take a medium sized skillet, and begin by melting the butter, then add celery, onions and carrots into the pan till onions are translucent (probably about ten mins). Then add the bouillon cubes into the vegetables till it blends together.
Transfer this mix into a big bowl and then add ingredients 6-18 till all the ingredients are blended well. Then keep this mixture inside the fridge for ten minutes.
Take a loaf baking tray rimmed with baking sheet and place the mix in the centre. Knead the dough to make a loaf ( 12 inch long + 6inch wide+ 21/2 inch tall)
Put it in the oven for 25 minutes and if you want a glaze, try applying a ketchup glaze and then bake for another 20 more minutes.
Let it cool on a wired rack and enjoy your meal.

Looking for the Best Orthodontist


Finding a qualified Orthodontist Carrollton, TX who provides braces is the first step to a more beautiful smile. An orthodontist can also offer advice and treatment options to treat issues that may be more than aesthetic. A bite that is not properly aligned can result in chronic jaw pain and gum deterioration later in life. More often than not, your dentist will ask you to consult an expert in orthodontics. This article will offer valuable tips for finding the best orthodontist to provide teeth braces and contact information for one office that provides high-quality care.

As the ideal orthodontist won’t come knocking on your door, it’s up to you to find out where they are and how to contact them. Nevertheless, some dentists today offer orthodontic treatment as part of their broad selection of services. Certain patients, for instance, could only benefit from the expertise of an Invisalign specialist and the use of clear braces. Adults, in particular, are into Invisalign, a service that cosmetic dentists provide these days. As there are different types of dental treatments, do take the time to find one who has the required experience.

Be sure to include in your research on orthodontics the level of experience an orthodontist can offer, especially when it comes to the procedure you desire to undergo. Remember to delve into the matter of technology, particularly the machines or systems they’re using to provide treatment. Patients who have been given braces for treatment will experience fewer problems wearing them, not to mention improved overall results, because of state-in-the-art technology. To know whether you’ve contacted the right office or not, see if they’re confident enough to give you before and after photos of their former patients.

If you are interested in having mouth braces, one of your primary concerns should be to find an office that employs the best people for all types of service. You’ll feel more at ease if everyone in the office is helpful and pleasant to talk to, especially if your treatment requires you to visit the office several times a year. Even if you’ve got the best specialist working on your case, it may still not be worth it if you don’t get along with his secretary. What matters is that everyone there should have the requisite experience and training to know that pleasing and serving their patients should always be their priority.

Hours may be another factor in finding an orthodontist who provides mouth braces. If the office hours are not convenient for your schedule, it will be difficult to make and keep appointments every four to six weeks. The manner in which emergencies are handled by the office is one more thing you should ask about. Even if your involvement with an emergency is unlikely, you’ll at least know how things would turn out when the unexpected does happen. And while you’re at it, be sure to ask about their SOP for handling urgent concerns.

As we’ve stated at the start, having the prettiest smile is something you can only realize with the help of the best orthodontist. Refer to the tips stated here when the time comes you’re looking for a competent and friendly doctor to provide you with braces. If you don’t want to suffer from discomfort or any trouble, later on, do take the time to search for the most suitable orthodontist for your needs.

Orthodontics in McKinney, TX

Feature_Photo_MouthMirrorThere are many types of practices when it comes to dentistry. Each of those particular practices calls for a proper and trained dentist. One of those fields of dentistry is orthodontics. Orthodontics is the practice of preventing abnormal teeth formations and correcting those issues when they already exist. Orthodontists are the dentists that specialize in orthodontics and prevent and correct those type of oral issues. Some of the corrections that orthodontists may make to teeth include braces for teeth alignment, jaw alignment, and ease of chewing and swallowing food. They also help people improve their overall oral appearance by straightening teeth.
As an orthodontist McKinney, TX, one can safely assume that they will make between $108,000 and $160,000 per year. The average salary for an orthodontist in McKinney, TX is around $132,000. An orthodontist in this area can also expect to earn bonuses and benefits. In order to become an orthodontist in McKinney, one must be a graduate of an accredited dental program. In addition to the accredited dental program, because orthodontics is a specialty within the field, those aspiring to be orthodontists must also enroll in a graduate program that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation. However, before attending the graduate program, dentists will either graduate dental school as a D.D.S. or a D.M.D. both of which can apply to the orthodontics graduate program. It is during the graduate program that orthodontists will determine their specialty and focus on their specific goals. They will have the ability to earn a Master’s degree or a Ph.D in Orthodontics. However, before practicing in McKinney, the orthodontists will need to pass a certification both written and clinical that is administered by the American Board of Orthodontics. It is also notable that those aspiring to attend a dental program must hold a Bachelor’s degree as it is unlikely that a person with an Associate’s degree will be admitted to a dental program. Additionally, while it is not required to have a science related degree, since courses such as biology, chemistry, and physics are generally required for admittance into dental programs, most earn their degrees in that field of study.
Once an orthodontists has accomplished all of these educational requirements, they will be able to work as an orthodontist, however, it is likely that before they will be able to practice orthodontics, they will need to have 2 to 4 years experience in general dentistry. In a town with the population of McKinney, TX, orthodontists should be able to find a clientele base. McKinney, TX is home to just over 161,600 people, and there are around 20 dentistry practices that provide orthodontic services. In order to work in McKinney, it is likely that an orthodontist would have to have expansive knowledge or all dentistry and orthodontic practices like concepts and procedures. While the requirements to practice orthodontics in McKinney, TX are not different from state license requirements, the demographics of the city and the location, industry and company size can all affect salary and clientele.

An Overview of the Technology Behind Electronic Cigarette

_80802585_e-cig_624The basic description of an electronic cigarette is a simple handheld device that is battery operated. It makes use of the technology that is used by an electric stove that heats the flavored liquid and converts the same into a vapor that is inhaled into the lungs of the person using the e-cig. Once the vapor is inhaled into the lung, it will deliver nicotine, and it will be exhaled. The electronics cigarette or e cig come in several forms, but it comprises of our basic components. These components include the atomizer, battery, a cartridge or tank to hold the liquid, and a mouthpiece that is known as drip tip.

Apart from the same, the electronic cigarette has a slew of accessories and many configurations that will let it create a highly personalized look, and it will give you a great vaping experience with the vape. The battery of the electronic cigarette is called a personal vaporizer, and it is sometimes called vape pens. The vaporizer supplies the power that is needed to heat the atomizer that will vaporize the flavored liquid. The liquid that is used is known as vape liquid or e-liquid. The vaporizer comes in a wide variety of widths, lengths, feel, looks, wattage and voltage ranges. Some vaporizers feature dials, while some have buttons and some with screens in order to take a glance at the settings. Whatever be the feature set, all the vaporizers provide the same functionality.

Ecig_USB_chargerThere are three common electronic cigarette styles, and these are the basic 510 cigarette style, a modded Vapage VMOD 2.0, and interchangeable eGo. The smaller ones such as the eGo style batteries that are widely popular and these are rechargeable. The bigger batteries are known as mods, and these have a cap that can be twisted off to let you insert rechargeable batteries. Mods of box style that are rectangular in shape have replacement batteries or these can be rechargeable. The small batteries will exhibit shorter battery life and a low voltage range. On the other hand, the larger ones will have a long lasting battery life and these have features such as the ability to view the battery life left, the resistance of attachments, and use variable wattage or voltage.

Each vaporizer has its own advantage and disadvantage. All the devices make use connection ports to connect the liquid delivery system be it a dripping atomizer, a clearomizer or a cartomizer.

Experience the Dental Technology Advancements in Helena Montana

The dental technology is a great part of dentistry, and it is has evolved over the years. In the current era, the dental technology is functioning in order to make sure that people get the best dental health care services. It is interesting to take a glance at some of the technological advancements that have taken place in dentistry. This article will give a collective list of the major technological advancements in this segment of the health care industry.

One of the notable advancements in dental technology is its functionality with three-dimensional imaging processes. With a small camera that is inserted into a patient’s mouth, the teeth of the patient can be monitored. This technology can create a virtual impression of one’s teeth by analyzing and reviewing the different parts of the teeth. This technology is necessary to help in the checking of the overall oral health of the patient, and it is used to ensure that the teeth are healthy and work properly. The dental technology can involve laser materials to analyze the oral health. The Dentist Helena Montana experts have been using the laser technologies in handling the various types of laser dental processes.

Lasers are required to help in ensuring that there are no harmful materials that can go into the teeth. Also, lasers ensure that the cleaning is accurate, and the filling processes are handled by dentists. The use of lasers in the dental treatments is a great progress in dentistry.

Another notable advancement in the dental technology is surgical microscope that is used by many dentists across the world. A surgical microscope is a petite material that can function to monitor the teeth and perform the required actions on them at the microscopic levels. The actions that are performed using surgical microscopes include fixing enamel, cleaning teeth and more.

The in-house teeth whitening processes are also effective. Nowadays, the dental technology functions with proper covers for the gums to make sure that the gums are not affected by the materials used for teeth whitening. These materials are usually customized with one’s teeth in mind in order to get the best possible results. Whitening lamps are also used by several dentists for teeth whitening. These work with special lights that are positioned on a person’s teeth for a considerable duration. This material can improve the look of the teeth by whitening it a few shades. This way, the person who has undergone the whitening lamps treatment can get teeth that as white as possible.

Great Gadget to Kick Ass in the Kitchen

Gadgeting for Kitchen Quirks

So you want to add some favorite herbs and spices to your best meatloaf recipe?!

The one thing that’s always gotten in the way about using fresh flavorings like garlic cloves, though, is that they can be notoriously tricky to work with, especially, if you don’t have the right tools on hand. You may have even gotten sick of cleaning out the garlic crusher every single time you use it and now no longer are using garlic in any of your dishes!  Revolt against the garlic!   Now you’re looking for an option that can handle the garlic without having to run the whole thing through a food processor, which can get even messier if you’re not careful. Am I right, or am I right?!

Flavor Shaker Kitchen Gadget

The modern world has taken us beyond the mortar and pestle, and even the fancy food processor. Enter ..the Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker, you can not only crush the garlic, but also get a nice blend of herbs and spices that go right into the meatloaf. It can even handle small nut chunks if you want to sneak a slight nutty flavor into the meatloaf. The ceramic ball spins when shaken, giving you the perfectly bashed ingredients you need every time. What’s especially awesome about this Flavour Shaker is that it’s dishwasher safe, making cleanup that much easier.

The Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker makes it easy to get herbs and garlic just right to blend in with your meatloaf for a more even flavour regardless of where you slice it. Maybe you’re familiar with Jamie Oliver from seeing him on TV, in which case you may have seen this in operation. It’s pretty good at emulsifying whole spices like cinnamon sticks. Just be careful and make sure you put it together correctly because there have been reports of this shaker being damaged through carelessness when adding the ingredients and putting it together. It should be firmly locked down, which may take a bit of hand strength.

Of course, this flavour shaker goes beyond the meatloaf. Favorite uses include making salad dressing, marinades and dry rubs for meat. It makes a brilliant gift for people who have proven themselves to be fairly inept at working with fresh herbs but have a herb garden and still want to get the maximum flavor out of them. For best results, be sure to follow the directions carefully or the garlic may not be fully crushed. You have to shake it pretty vigorously for several moments to get anything you put in it fully pulverized. Don’t be fooled by being used to electronic food processors; this is not electronic. You shake it and should shake it pretty hard. It still generally beats a mortar and pestle, though.
Pop it in the dishwasher when you’re done and it’ll be cleaned more easily than a typical garlic crusher. This is one example of a modern device that can help you work with herbs even when you may be pretty clueless and haven’t been getting the maximum flavor out of your herbs because of it. Your best meatloaf recipe just gets better when you make use of a device that can maximize your results with no need for a mortar and pestle.  And that about wraps up this week in kitchen quirky gadgeting!

5 Things You Need To Know About Asus ZenFone 2

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If you are in search of your next smartphone device you will not have to look for a new one any longer! Let me present you with the next hot thing coming from Asus, and this is probably the hottest smartphone at the moment – Asus ZenFone 2! For all of you who have been impatiently waiting for this moment, it has finally arrived! Now, let’s talk about all the cool things you will get from this amazing smartphone!


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1.It’sImpressively Thin

This amazing smartphone is impressively thin. Its case is only 3.9 mm thick. Asus ZenFone 2 is also beautifully-crafted. With its ultra-thin edges it definitely looks incredibly slim. Not only that its look is amazing and impressive, but also the smooth edges make it also very comfortable to hold. From Asus ZenFone 2 you will get the premium look but it will also provide you with the premium feel, and a truly unique experience when it is held in your hand.


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2.Smart Controls

Not only that Asus ZenFone 2 is very comfortable to hold, but also it can be described as highly intuitive as well. What do I mean by this is a layout which contains a physical rear key! Finally, a really smart move from Asus since this simple key will allow the users to snap selfies and adjust volume rather easily. Also, it is rather comfortable for both left and right-handed people, and being left-handed myself, this is definitely a big plus in my book!


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3.Screen Size

When it comes to the screen size, Asus ZenFone 2 has a 5.5 inch screen which feels just as comfortable in your hand as a 5 inch screen does. Also it has an incredible, remarkable 72% screen-to-body ratio! You will definitely love this smartphone with such an amazing screen. Furthermore, the colors and the screen are more that remarkable, and if you choose to get this rather affordable smartphone you will not be let down.


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 4.Unique design

If you are one of those people who must have unique things, you will be a huge fan of this smartphone. The Asus ZenFone 2 is definitely not for everyone. This smartphone will however appeal to those who refuse to conform and those who refuse to accept compromise. Its unique design will definitely appeal to you if you like to stand out in the crowd and have a unique taste and style.



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To top everything off this smartphone also brings you some amazing features when it comes to its performance. The Asus ZenFone 2 has a 64-bit Intel Atom 2.3G processor, which is also backed up with 4GB of dual-channel DDR3 RAM, a true innovation. When it comes to download, its been left to LTE Cat 4+ for download which speeds up to 250Mbit/s, not bad huh? Also, the screen has 60ms touch response time – I am very much excited about this smartphone, what about you? Let me hear your say in the comments!